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Alexander Veress

Alexander Veress - Research Assistant Professor

Alexander Veress

Contact Information

Degree and Interest

  • The Ohio State University (Ph.D. 2000)
  • Soft tissue and cardiac mechanics


My primary research interests are in the areas of soft tissue and cardiac mechanics. The primary focus of my work is the determination of deformation in soft tissue using non-linear, large deformation finite element modeling combined with standard medical imaging in order to study deformations and strains associated with normal heart function as well as those associated with certain pathological conditions such as ischemia, infarction and heart failure. A secondary interest is combining finite element models with imaging phantoms in order to create accurate synthetic medical imaging.

Prior research has included: Determination of deformations associated with normal coronary arteries as well as those with arterial lesions (plaques). Quantification of left ventricular mechanics of both normal and infarcted patients using cine-MRI, PET and SPECT imaging. Creation of breast compression models to study tissue deformation during mammography imaging in order to improve diagnostic images.

Selected Publications

  • Veress AI, Weiss JA, Huesman RH, Reutter BW, Taylor SE, Sitek A, Feng B, Yang Y, and Gullberg GT. Measuring Regional Changes in the Diastolic Deformation of the Left Ventricle of SHR Rats using MicroPET Technology and Hyperelastic Warping. Accepted Annals of Biomedical Engineering
  • Phatak NS, Sun Q, Kim SE, Parker DL, Kent Sanders R, Veress AI, Ellis BJ, Weiss J. Noninvasive Determination of Ligament Strain with Deformable Image Registration. Annals of Biomedical Engineering: 35(7):1175-87, 2007.
  • Veress AI, Segars WP, Weiss JA, Tsui BMW, Gullberg GT. Normal and Pathological NCAT Image and Phantom Data Based on Physiologically Realistic Left Ventricle Finite Element Models. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. 25(12):1604-1616, 2006.
  • Veress AI, Weiss JA, Gullberg GT, Vince DG, Rabbitt RD. Strain Measurement in Coronary Arteries Using Intravascular Ultrasound and Deformable Images. ASME Journal Biomechanical Engineering, 124:734-741, 2002.
  • Veress AI, Gullberg GT, Weiss JA. Measurement of Strain in the Left Ventricle During Diastole with Cine-MRI and Deformable Image Registration. ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 127:1195-1207, 2005.