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Computing and Technologies

Computer support

General computer support is available in MEB 261. Office hours are generally 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding University Holidays). ME computer support can also be reached anytime by email at or by phone at 206-616-1867.

Computer labs

General purpose computer labs are MEB 232 and 253. Workstations in these labs act as a gateway to the College of Engineering Virtual Desktop System. After hours access to the building is available via a Husky Card swipe at the north entrance to MEB. For entry codes to these labs, contact the front desk.


The College of Engineering licenses a variety of engineering software. Student and teaching versions of some of this software is usable from the College of Engineering Virtual Desktop system. Other software including software licensed for research is available from the CoE software page and Uware.



  • Our department fax number is 206-685-8047. Incoming faxes to this number are received by email. Email to retreive them if you are expecting a fax.
  • Outgoing faxes can be sent from the site This site is only available to faculty and staff. You may need to scan your paper document to PDF and then upload to the fax site.

Printing, copying and scanning

  • Printing, copying and scan-to-email are available for ME students on multi-function devices located in MEB 264. At this time, only ME graduate students are allowed to print to the copiers in MEB 264 from their personal computers. Public use printers are available in MEB 253 and the Engineering Library.
  • For department staff, print jobs can be sent to a small black and white printer on your desk or to copiers in MEB 143 and 264. Printers in MEB 143 and 264 can be accessed from the print menu on your computer. Be sure to select a "-color" printer to print in color, otherwise the print job will be printed in black and white.
  • Faculty, research staff and grad students can follow these instructions to print to department copiers and printers.
  • Scan to email is also available on the copiers in MEB 143 and 264. Look for a scan button with your name on it in the scan menu.

File shares

  • Staff have access to various lettered network drives from their workstations. Access is granted based on business need. Check the "My Computer" screen on your workstation to see the drives you have access to.

Remote connection instructions (department staff only)

Follow these links for instructions on how to remotely access the workstation at your desk.

ME email list information