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How to Get Rid of Stuff

What do I do with...?

Utilize the UW Facilities Disposal Guide to find out what to do with a variety of unwanted items.

Surplussing items

Almost all UW property that does not go in a hallway landfill/recycle bin and is not hazardous waste must be disposed of through surplus.

If you just have a few items, the ME department maintains a shared pool of items to be surplussed in the cages on the B-floor of MEB.

For any lab equipment, fill out a decontamination form, then just leave your items in the cage and the department will arrange to have them moved to UW surplus. Do not put any hazardous waste or fluids in the surplus cages—equipment with fluids such as motor oil must be completely drained before being surplussed. See the surplus website for additional information.

If you have many items or large equipment/furniture to be surplussed, contact one of the ME department lab engineers (Bill or Svenja) to request a special pickup. Surplus pickups are scheduled 2–4 weeks after the initial request, so plan ahead if you are doing a lab or office remodel.

If you are in a building other than MEB or EGA, start by asking your building coordinator about whether there is a regular pickup in your building. If that is not an option, contact the ME lab engineers for help submitting a surplus request.

Chemical waste

Request a pickup for chemical waste using the online form, or using MyChem. More information is available at the EH&S chemical waste disposal page.