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Emergency and Safety

Fire alarm/building evacuation

When the fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately. Lock and close doors behind you as you leave to secure your area. Move out of the building via the closest safe route. Floor wardens and your course instructors will direct you to the appropriate exit. Stay in the assembly areas away from the building. Do not re-enter the building until the fire department or police have cleared the building for use.

Emergency exits

All emergency exit doorways and passages must be kept clear of unsecured material and equipment. A clear unobstructed path must be available in hallways and stairwells at all times. Fire doors on stairwells must never be propped open with wedges. Most stairwell doors have a magnetic catch and are tied in with the alarm system to close when the fire alarm is triggered.


Building security

Closing and locking ground level windows when rooms are unoccupied will decrease the chance of a break-in. UW Police and custodial staff are responsible for locking doors, but not for closing or locking windows. Do not allow unknown persons to follow you into the building after hours.

Theft prevention

Security for your personal items is your responsibility. We recommend keeping all valuables out of sight, locked in your desk. Please report all theft, trespassing, and other incidents to UWPD. Non-Emergency: 206.685.UWPD (8973)

Suspicious person

If you think a person is acting suspiciously do not confront them. Contact the Department Administrator, Jennifer Snider (206.543.6835) or the UWPD. If you are concerned for your safety call the Police directly by dialing 911 from any phone. Your personal safety is most important. The UW Police non-emergency number is 206.685.8973.

Hazardous waste

The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) department is in charge of hazardous material disposal.


A battery collection bin is located on the ground floor of the Mechanical Engineering Building near the elevator.


CDs and other forms of electronic waste can be recycled using the collection bins on the ground floor of the Mechanical Engineering Building near the elevator.

Other hazardous waste

Under no conditions should chemicals, paints, solvents, cleaners or any other hazardous waste be put down drains or in trash cans. These are collected and disposed of through EH&S.

Group 9 (CoE) Health and Safety Committee

The Group 9 (CoE) Health and Safety Committee reviews CoE accident / incident reports and sends a representative to the University-Wide Health and Safety Committee.

For information on group 9 members and meeting reports, please visit College of Engineering Emergency & Safety Information.