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Spring 2018 Graduate Seminar

Date Speaker Hosted by
Mar 6 Emma Phan
UW Associate Ombud
“Why Talk? How to Engage in Effective Conversations at UW and Beyond”
Val Overlan
Apr 3 Jon Battles
Amazon Robotics
“Disruption and Convergence in Engineering”
Val Overlan
Apr 17 Sung Yi
Chair, Mechanical and Material Engineering
Portland State University
Junlan Wang
Apr 24 Justin Brynestad
Blue Origin
“Millions of People Living and Working in Space”
seminar flyer
Val Overlan
May 1 Eric N. Brown
Division Leader, Explosive Science and Shock Physics (M-Division)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Shock Compression and Strain Rate Effect in Semi-crystalline Polymers"
seminar flyer
Junlan Wang
May 8 Jiong Tang
Professor Mechanical Engineering
University of Connecticut
Steve Shen
May 22 Sandipan Mishra
Associate Professor Mechanical Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Santosh Devasia