Recent research

Presented here is a selection of the innovative and interdisciplinary research ME faculty are engaged in. For a more complete picture of individual faculty research projects, visit the faculty pages. For news about faculty research, visit the news archive.

Acoustic characterization of wave energy converters
  • Faculty: Brian Polagye
  • Research areas: energy & environment, fluids
A handheld optical-sectioning microscope for cancer detection and surgical guidance
Automated micro robotic manipulation using optical tweezers
  • Faculty: Ashis Banerjee
  • Research areas: controls & dynamics, health innovation
Burst wave lithotripsy; an experimental method to fragment kidney stones
Creating a cleaner cookstove
Colorimetric assessment of nanoparticles
  • Faculty: Jonathan Posner
  • Research areas: energy & environment, nanotechnology
Dynamic motor control is associated with treatment outcomes for children with cerebral palsy
  • Faculty: Kat Steele
  • Research areas: controls & dynamics, health innovation
Dynamics of microscale granular crystals
Effects of moisture diffusion in sandwich composites
  • Faculty: Mark Tuttle
  • Research area: advanced materials
Printing of PZT-silane nano-composite sensors and actuators
  • Faculty: Steve Shen
  • Research areas: additive manufacturing, advanced materials
Raman-encoded molecular imaging (REMI) for guiding breast cancer lumpectomy
USDA life cycle assessment digital commons