Department resources and policies


Mechanical Engineering keys are given out to faculty, staff, graduate students and some undergraduate students. Those needing keys should fill out the key request form, and after completing the form, print it out and give it to their advisor, supervisor or professor for signature. Turn in the completed form to either 143A or 132. The key will be ready within three days of drop-off. An email will be sent out when they keys are ready for pickup. Keys may not be transferred to another person. Keys being used by any unauthorized person will be confiscated. See Building Permits for information on after hours building access.


You may register for lockers during the first two weeks of an academic quarter. Go to room 143A or 132 to fill out a locker request form and receive a locker number and combination. Lockers are issued to ME / IE students on first come, first served basis. Locker fee is $5.00 for a small locker and $10 for a large locker, exactly, as we cannot make change!

Lockers are rented per academic quarter. You may register in advance, up to maximum of four academic quarters, beginning autumn quarter. Lockers must be cleared out after summer quarter ends. If your locker is not renewed by the renewal date, we will remove your belongings and charge you a $5.00 storage fee. Confiscated items will be held in room 132 until discard date. If you remove a lock, and lose it, you will be charged $5.00.

Faculty, staff and graduate student mail

The mail room is open to faculty and staff only. Incoming mail for faculty or staff can be placed in the "Faculty Mail" box located in MEB 143. Please be sure to put the recipient's name on all incoming mail.

Students do not have mailboxes. If mail gets delivered and no mailbox is found, person will be emailed and notified that they have mail in the front office.

Printing, copying and faxing

See Computing and Technologies for more information


Paychecks for all faculty, staff, TAs and RAs on the ME payroll are directly deposited on the 10th and 25th of each month. If receiving a paper check person will be notified when their check arrives and will be able to pick it up from MEB 143 with a valid ID. If the 10th or 25th falls on a Saturday, paychecks will be distributed on the preceding Friday. If the 10th or 25th falls on a Sunday, paychecks will be distributed on the following Monday.

If you wish to have your paycheck deposited directly in your bank account, please obtain a Direct Deposit form from the payroll coordinator (MEB 258). The completed form will then be submitted to the UW payroll office. It will take about two pay periods before your paycheck will begin to be directly deposited. When it goes into effect, instead of receiving a check you will be issued a white Direct Deposit "Advice" slip which has printed on it all the information that would have appeared on your check (gross/net amounts, itemized deductions, etc.). The Direct Deposit slip will then be put into your mailbox.


See MiniMax for more information.

Room assignments

TAs are assigned rooms and desks through the Graduate Program Coordinator in MEB 143C on a space-available basis. RAs are assigned rooms and desks largely through their faculty sponsors, also depending on the availability of space.

Shipping and receiving

Because most orders need to be checked, all packages are taken to MEB 132 for processing. We need the information to insure we only pay for what we have received.

Faculty and Staff

Upon receipt of a package you will be notified with an email. Please be sure to fill out the packing slip left on top of your package so the appropriate budget can be reconciled. Your help in removing your package as soon as possible will be appreciated.

Graduate Students

If the order has been made by your RA, they will get an email, but the package will be left in room 132 for pickup during their posted hours.


Supplies are stored in MEB 264 and copy room (MEB 264) are expressly for instructional purposes and not for personal, private, or research use. Cupboards and drawers with supplies are labeled for easy access. If supplies appear to be low or are missing, please notify the front desk. Staplers, scissors, tape, pens, white-out, paper, etc. are available for use.


Contact about UW travel policies before making any arrangements for travel. If UW travel policies are not complied with, it is difficult to get travel expenses properly reimbursed. (maybe have a link to the travel resource section)