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» Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)
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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

The MSME degree is intended for students with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related field, such as Aerospace Engineering. Students' undergraduate backgrounds should include Mechanical Engineering core courses in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, mechanics of materials, dynamics of mechanical systems, systems analysis, machine design, manufacturing, and design. This degree is intended for students presenting themselves as professional Mechanical Engineers, with academic backgrounds covering both the BSME and MSME curriculum.

Students with undergraduate degrees in Physics who would like to earn the MSME degree, will be required to complete all of the core undergraduate courses for both the MSE and MSME degrees.

To learn MSME curriculum and graduation requirements, please visit the Graduate Advising Page.

Online MSME for Professionals

In addition to the on-campus program, the MSME curriculum is offered in an online format that uses the latest online and video technologies and is taught by expert UW faculty. Students can enroll in full- or part-time to accommodate work schedules.

Students with a Non-ME Undergraduate Background

Students with an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering will need to make up deficiencies in undergraduate core areas in order to earn the MSME degree. If only a few deficiencies (2-3 courses) exist, these courses may be taken as part of the student's MSME program. However, if the number of deficient courses is large (as many as ten courses can be required), the deficiencies will need to be made up before the student officially enters the graduate program. Non-ME courses presented to cover undergraduate deficiencies will be evaluated by the department.

MSME Core Undergraduate Courses

Those pursuing the MSME degree who do not have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering or Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering are required to pass the following courses as undergraduate deficiencies:

ME 323 - Thermodynamics
ME 331 - Heat Transfer
ME 333 - Fluid Dynamics
ME 354 - Materials Laboratory
ME 355 - Manufacturing Processes
ME 356 - Machine Design
ME 373 & 374 - Systems, Dynamics, Controls
ME 395 - Introduction to Design

The student can request that equivalent courses taken elsewhere be used to satisfy these requirements. This requires a petition that includes enough information (normally the course syllabus) to allow the UW Mechanical Engineering course coordinator to determine equivalency.

Contact ME Graduate Student Advising

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Graduate Program Coordinator

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