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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The UW department of mechanical engineering is committed to recruiting, welcoming and supporting a diverse and multi-faceted population of undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff.

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Innovation & Impact

ME is a leading department at the UW for innovation, commercialization and industry collaboration. As an international epicenter for turning ideas into actions, the University of Washington is launching hundreds of companies across a wide range of fields based on UW research and technology.

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Clubs & Competitions

ME’s nationally-recognized clubs and competitions provide students a chance to apply and develop their engineering skills and network for their future lives and careers. Many students even choose to center some of their degree requirements around these activities.

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Microplastics at the ocean surface

ME postdoctoral researcher Luci Baker and Assistant Professor Michelle DiBenedetto are using fluid mechanics to research microplastics in the ocean.

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Mohammad Malakooti


Mohammad Malakooti

Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor

Mohammad Malakooti's lab seeks to create materials that match the adaptability, multi-functionality, and embodied intelligence of natural material systems by bridging the gap between nanoscale engineering and system-level functionality. 

Close up of hands with purple gloves holding a small and stretchable generator that converts body heat to electricity.


Stretchable electronics

ME researchers developed a wearable thermoelectric device that converts body heat to electricity. 

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#1 mechanical engineering program in the Pacific Northwest
2x national average female undergraduates
#3 source of UW startups
683 new patents filed
since 2012
14 affiliated research centers
$13M annual research funding