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Graduate students

Master's degree procedures »

Master's students can elect to complete a thesis, all-coursework, or project-based option. The first and second quarter procedures and course requirements differ for these three options.

Ph.D. procedures »

There are different procedures for students who enter the Ph.D. program without an M.S., with an M.S. from another school, and with a UW MSME or MSE degree. These differences affect the curriculum prior to and timing of the qualifying exam.

Data Science degree options »

Current enrolled ME graduate students are eligible to apply for Data Science degree options. The students must complete this application form, and contact the Graduate Academic Advisors to declare interest in pursuing the Data Science degree track.

Graduate student exams »

A schedule of qualifying and final examinations for individual graduate students including dates and locations.

Curriculum concentrations »

Graduate students can focus their studies on one of several subject areas:

Forms »

Forms for thesis options, master's to Ph.D. application, special projects, and petitions.

ME graduate student desk assignment guidelines »

Guidelines on available desks, priority of assignment, frequency of reassignment, and procedures for requesting and reassigning desks.

Graduate Student Association »

The ME Graduate Student Association (MEGA) is run by students in the ME department. MEGA provides social and mentoring opportunities and represents the needs of graduate students throughout the department.

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