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Current students

MEGA - Graduate Student Association

MEGA is the Mechanical Engineering Department's Graduate Student Association. Our goal is to help graduate students connect with each other by organizing mentoring and social events, and we also coordinate professional development opportunities for students. Additionally, we work to facilitate improvements and changes throughout the department by acting as a point of communication between students and the administration.

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Current members

MEGA officers

Role Member
President Ava Obenaus
Vice President Marissa Miramontes
Social Committee Mia Hoffman, Apoorva Patil, Carlos Abarca, Rafael Deflin Guerrero
Mentorship Committee Elijah Kuska, Nikhil Sorout, Suraj Takale
Professional Development Committee Aparajit Venkatesh
Community Engagement Laurin Smith Teegarden, Melody Mojib, Angela Straccia
Social Media Chair Srivatsan Balaji
Secretary Sam Hoang, Srivatsan Balaji
Treasurer Alyssa Spomer
GPSS representative Alexander Novokhodko
At-large members Michelle Hickner, Lynda Brady, Lindsey Jones, Syed Faisal