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Give to Mechanical Engineering

Our vision

We develop creative thinkers, incubate big ideas and advance innovation to solve society's most pressing problems. From revolutionizing health care to producing clean energy, the new generation of mechanical engineers has the knowledge and drive to transform the world. As one of the nation’s best programs, we are poised to have a remarkable impact on the grand challenges of our time, to create new jobs and to help drive the economy — but only if you join us.

Together, we will create a boundless future where engineers will lead the changes that build a better world.

Giving priorities

Other giving opportunities

group of people engaged in a demonstration at a tabletop exhibit with a laptop and equipment.

Scholarships & fellowships

These funds help alleviate the financial challenges many students face pursuing a degree in ME. Many of the funds are named for past alumni who have given generous gifts to support ME students.


group photo of the 2023 Husky Robotics team

Student teams & organizations

ME’s award-winning student-led teams and activities provide a highlight for many students’ academic experience and rely on support from the UW community.


Two individuals working on fitting a prosthetic leg brace on a person in a clinical setting

Research labs & centers

A gift to research is an investment in the future. These funds allow ME’s experts to advance research tackling society’s toughest challenges.


Headshot of an ME donor

Tribute funds

Support the legacy of key figures in UW ME’s history.


View all ME funds

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ME undergraduate students gain real-world experience on projects that help industry, nonprofit, government and healthcare partners.

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Taking steps toward supporting mobility in cerebral palsy

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