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External Advisory Board

Composed of distinguished alumni and friends of the Department, the Mechanical Engineering External Advisory Board provides counsel to faculty, mentoring to students, volunteer leadership in experiential-learning programs, advocacy for the Department and vital connections to industry.

External Advisory Board members are appointed to a term of up to 3 years by the ME Department Chair. Upon completion of the term, a member may be reappointed at the discretion of the ME department Chair.

Current board members

Name Grad. Year Affiliation
David Barr   Director - Boeing Programs, Hexcel
Rebekah Bastian '02 B.S. VP of Community and Culture, Zillow Group
Jon Battles Director WW Fulfillment Advance Technology, Amazon
Anders Brown '92 B.S., '94 M.S. President, Valence Group Inc.
External Advisory Board Chair
Justin Brynestad '03 B.S. Managing Structural Engineer, Blue Origin
Steve Chisholm '86 B.S. Director of Structures Engineering, The Boeing Company
Bijan Dorri '82 Ph.D. Advisor, Medical Technologies, A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology, and Research)
Dan Ervin '80 B.S. Executive VP, Varius Inc.
Carl Hergart   Director, Advanced Technology, PACCAR Technical Center
Brian Horman '77 B.S. VP Facilities & Engineering, Just Biotherapeutics
Peter W. Janicki '89 M.S. President and CEO, Janicki Industries, Inc.
Michael C. Kintner-Meyer '94 Ph.D. Energy-Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Paul Leonard   Product Design Innovator, Leonard Consulting, LLC
Tom Loutzenheiser '83 B.S. Executive Vice President of Business Development, PRECO Electronics
Jill McCallum   President, Pacific Rim Aerospace Corporation
Colleen McClure '86 B.S., '05 MBA Enterprise EHS Engineering Integration Senior Manager, The Boeing Company
Hamid Mortazavi '82 M.S., ’89 Ph.D. Research Specialist, 3M Corporate Research Lab
Ron Prosser '70 B.S. CEO, The Prosser Group
Michael K. Sekins '81 Ph.D. Consultant, Medical Device Development
Fred Silverstein '72 M.D. Clinical Professor, UW Medicine, Gastroenterology,
General Partner, Frazier & Co. (retired)
John T. Slattery   Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Education, UW School of Medicine
Tim Stearns '90 B.A. Catalyst Solutions
Tina Toburen '92 B.S., '94 M.S.  Energy Efficiency Enterprises, T2E3
Gil Wootton '89 B.S. Managing Director, Accenture