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A group photo of UW faculty and composites industry representatives.

Sep 22, 2022

Planning for the next generation of composites

A meeting for the planned Center for Data-driven High-rate Composites Manufacturing brought together UW researchers and industry representatives to discuss the future of composites manufacturing.
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Man walking on a treadmill wearing an exoskeleton device

Sep 06, 2022

Taking steps toward supporting mobility in cerebral palsy

Ph.D. student Alyssa Spomer is exploring how a robotic exoskeleton device paired with real-time feedback can enhance rehabilitation therapy for children with cerebral palsy.
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Two rendering illustrations of a small movement tracking device

Aug 29, 2022

Light, efficient sensors recognize body and eye movement

UW ME researchers are creating sensors that can better detect human movement and can be used with a new wearable eye tracker.
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Close up of hands with purple gloves holding a small and stretchable generator that converts body heat to electricity.

Aug 08, 2022

Harvesting thermal energy to power wearable electronics

UW researchers, led by ME Assistant Professor Mohammad Malakooti, have developed a wearable, stretchable thermoelectric device that converts body heat to electricity.   
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Closeup of water in a tank lab

Jul 29, 2022

How do microplastics behave at the ocean surface?

Postdoctoral researcher Luci Baker and Assistant Professor Michelle DiBenedetto are using fluid mechanics to research microplastics in the ocean.
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Corey Clay headshot

Jul 25, 2022

Meet Corey Clay

ME’s new Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer shares the experiences that led him to DEI work and efforts underway to increase representation in the department.
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