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Jun 12, 2018

Secrets of the sky

In this novel course, Boeing engineers and Mechanical Engineering faculty partner to teach students how to design commercial airplanes.
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May 26, 2018

Climate research pioneer

A 2018 UW Engineering Diamond Award recipient, alumna Tami Bond has pioneered efforts to better understand black carbon’s environmental impact.
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May 14, 2018

Making play possible

Driven by students, HuskyADAPT is teaching the UW community how to modify toys for kids with disabilities.
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Mar 26, 2018

Innovations for heart health

ME researchers are enabling health care providers to better understand and treat cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, stroke, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, angina and more. In this story, we highlight six research projects that can help save lives.
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Mar 07, 2018

Mechanical engineering master's degrees

UW ME is home to one of the major mechanical engineering graduate programs in the country. And of the nearly 400 graduate students currently pursuing graduate degrees, more than half are working on master’s degrees. Learn about ME master's program pathways and career benefits.
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Feb 05, 2018

Open access

Airplanes? Fossils? Health care? Accessibility? Whatever you’re into, the WOOF 3D Print Club wants to show you how it can benefit from 3D printing
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