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Aug 12, 2019

Research impact

Elizabeth Rasmussen is developing a clean, scalable approach to synthesizing advanced materials, setting the stage for innovation in batteries, targeted drug delivery and more.
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Jul 03, 2019

An engineering STAR

Ewurama Karikari shares how the UW STARS program helped her transform her passions for math and robotics into a mechanical engineering mechatronics degree.
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Jun 14, 2019

Environmental impact

Researchers are developing ways to better understand how emerging marine energy technologies affect underwater life.
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May 28, 2019

Why I partner with EIH

Three clinicians share their experiences with Engineering Innovation in Health, ME’s signature program that develops technical solutions to pressing health challenges.
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May 03, 2019

Big data and automation

These ME research projects demonstrate how mechanical engineers are expanding future applications of machine learning.
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Apr 01, 2019

Kitchen Engineering

A novel course introduces first-year students to a menu of engineering disciplines — through cooking.
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