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Trevor Harrison looking through the glass pane of a big water tank with a diver and a µFloat inside

Apr 06, 2021

Lessons in the deep

An underwater robotic device called the µFloat, invented by mechanical engineering student Trevor Harrison, offers a new way to map underwater environments.
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Closeup of carbon fiber

Mar 22, 2021

How Washington became a global epicenter for advanced carbon fiber

Stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum, carbon fiber composite materials are one of the key enabling technologies of the 21st century and play a particularly important role in Washington.
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a still photo of a beating heart tissue against a red background with illustrated hearts

Feb 08, 2021

Engineering that tugs at the heartstrings

UW researchers engineer miniature beating heart tissues that allow them to study a range of topics in human health.
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Per Reinhall

Dec 01, 2020

Lessons from a decade as ME chair

At the end of this year Per Reinhall will conclude his second term as “Chair Per” and return to research and teaching.
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Professor Steve Brunton writing math equations on a lightboard with a marker

Oct 27, 2020

‘Eigensteve’ Brunton: YouTubing math for engineers

With over four million views and 90,000 subscribers, Professor Steve Brunton’s YouTube channel simplifies the mathematical fundamentals behind data-driven engineering concepts.
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A researcher pressing buttons on an electronic device in a lab

Sep 01, 2020

Life suspended: The past and future of cryopreservation

The idea of freezing and later thawing out the human body has been a favorite of storytellers for decades, but the science of cryopreservation may be even more interesting.
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