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» Research Scientists, Scholars and Associates
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Research Scientists, Scholars and Associates

Research Scientists/Engineers

Das, Ronnie
Gertler, Dave
Hoffman, Hunter
Johnston, Richard
Lee, Cameron
Melville, Charles
Schowengerdt, Brian

Visiting Scholars and Scientists

Diao, Luhong
Ding, Shenghu
Fang, Xing
Jin, Hongyun
Koller, Magnus
Lei, Xu
Lu, Yuanyao
Ogawa, Takehiko
Oishi, Kazuma
Takao, Satomi
Zhao, Suling

Research Associates

Abi Ghanem, Maroun
Al-Rekabi, Zeinab
C.S., Prasanth
Karchin, Ari
Kunimine, Takahiro
Leonard, Andrea
McGah, Patrick
Moghadam, Babak
Naito, Keishi
Routson, Rebecca
Shu, Zhiquan
Simon, Julianna
Ting, Lucas
Wang, Winston
Williamson, Benjamin
Yang, Yang

Contact Us

photo, Jiangyu Li Jiangyu Li,
Associate Chair - Research & Infrastructure
ph:(206) 543-6226

ME and the Discovery of the Higgs Boson to Explain Mass

photo, Colin Daly in the ATLAS cavern at CERN

The Higgs boson, an elusive subatomic particle whose existence is a major step in understanding the origins of the universe, was discovered in 2012. ME Professor Emeritus Colin Daly noted that ME faculty, staff, and students played important roles in the discovery. Read more »