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Mechanical Engineering Faculty Directory

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Primary Faculty

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  Name & Position Research Areas
Alberto Aliseda Alberto Aliseda
Associate Professor

Fluid Mechanics
Dynamics of multiphase flows
Gas exchange between atmosphere and ocean
atomization of liquids in combustion
Michael Bailey Michael Bailey
Assistant Professor

Medical ultrasound, Acoustic cavitation, The role of cavitation in lithotripsy (kidney stone treatment) and ultrasound surgery
Martin Berg Martin Berg
Associate Professor

Control system design (involving feedback, feedforward and supervisory controllers)
Continuous-time, discrete-time, and discrete event dynamic systems
Dynamic system modeling, analysis, and design
Nicholas Boechler Nicholas Boechler
Assistant Professor

Mechanics of materials
Nonlinear dynamics
Phononic crystals and metamaterials
Dynamics of micro/nanostructures
Steve Brunton Steve Brunton
Assistant Professor

Dynamical systems and control
Dimensionality reduction and reduced-order models
Fluid flow control (mixing enhancement, renewable energy, bio-locomotion)
Adaptive and robust control for energy optimization and conversion
Data science and machine learning
Gador Canton Gãdor Cantón
Research Assistant Professor

Biomechanics in cardiovascular diseases, flow dynamics in normal and pathological physiological processes, cardiovascular imaging
Randal Ching Randal Ching
Research Associate Professor

Biomechanics of the human musculoskeletal system focusing on injury biomechanics and prevention strategies, and the testing/evaluation of medical implants and surgical procedures.
Jae-Hyun Chung Jae-Hyun Chung
Associate Professor

Micro/Nano Structures
Electric field guided nanowire assembly
Reactive Ion Etching assisted nanopore fabrication
Joyce Cooper Joyce Cooper

Design for Environment (DFE) methodologies and models
Innovative, sustainable, and concurrent technology development, design, and dissemination
life-cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental performance measurement
Industrial Ecology
Peter Dahl Peter Dahl

Acoustic propagation in shallow water
Acoustic vector intensity and spatial coherence
Underwater industrial noise
Arctic underwater acoustics
Santosh Devasia Santosh Devasia

"Controls, dynamics, and mechantronics"
Ultra-high-density information storage
Distributed autonomous systems
Ashley Emery Ashley Emery

Architectural heat transfer
Finite Element Methods
Numerical analysis
Thermal stresses
Bayesian Inference
Sparse Grids and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Brian Fabien Brian Fabien

Kinematics of mechanisms
Dynamic system analysis and optimization
Control system design
Mark Ganter Mark Ganter

Implicit solid modeling
Layered manufacturing
Extension of techniques for skeleton generation
Fusion of multi-spectral vision images
Dayong Gao Dayong Gao

Thermal/fluid science
Biomedical engineering
Bio-heat-mass transfer
Joseph Garbini Joseph Garbini
James Morrison Chair

Analysis design
Control of dynamic systems
Julia Jones Julia Jones
Senior Lecturer

Sooyeun Kim Sooyeun Kim
Research Assistant Professor
206-543-5388 (office)
206-685-7920 (lab)

Electro/photo-active materials and devices,
Electrochromic materials, color-switchable dye-sensitizers,
Ion storage materials, electrolytes,
Energy saving electrochromic windows (ECWs) and energy harvesting ECW,
Dye-sensitized solar cells
John Kramlich John Kramlich

Energy conversion systems
Combustion and pollutants/environmental control
Turbulent reacting flows
Biofuel combustion properties and emissions
Gas turbine combustors: alternate fuels and emissions
Vipin Kumar Vipin Kumar

Polymeric Composites
Microcellular Composites
Design and manufacturing
Product and process design
Characterization and processing of polymeric composites
Jiangyu Li Jiangyu Li

Physical behaviors of materials
Structure-property relationship of multifunctional materials
Electroactive polymers
Jonathan T.C. Liu Jonathan T.C. Liu
Assistant Professor

Biomedical optics, molecular imaging, image-guided interventions, cancer detection, endoscopic imaging, endomicroscopy, molecular contrast agents, point-of-care diagnostics, in vivo microscopy, spectral imaging, SERS nanoparticles
Philip Malte Philip Malte

Energy and environmental combustion
Low-emission combustion
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Chemical reactor networks
Ramulu Mamidala Ramulu Mamidala
Boeing-Pennell Professor

Mechanics of Materials
Modeling Manufacturing Processes & Surface Integrity
Machining & drilling Science of Composite Materials
Fracture Mechanics & Fatigue
Ann Mescher Ann Mescher
Associate Professor

Energy transport and phenomena during processing
Processes for advanced manufacturing applications
Introduce interdisciplinary design projects in consultation with industry
Igor Novosselov Igor Novosselov
Research Assistant Professor
Phone TBD

Combustion modeling and pollution formation
Nanomaterials synthesis in flames
Instrumentation and methods for aerosol sampling
Interaction between particle- surface- flow
Brian Polagye Brian Polagye
Assistant Professor

Sustainable electricity generation from kinetic energy in moving water
Characterization and monitoring of tidal energy sites
Tidal energy micropower for instrumentation
Jonathan Posner Jonathan Posner
Bryan T. McMinn Endowed Associate Professor

Micron- and nanometer-length scale fluid dynamics
Transport physics at the interface of chemistry, biology and the environment.
Per Reinhall Per Reinhall
Professor and Department Chair

Dynamical systems
Fluid-structure interaction
Vibration and noise control
Medical devices
Sensors and actuators
James Riley James Riley
PACCAR Professor

Transitioning and turbulent flows
Two-phase flows
Boundary layer transition
Free shear flows
Chemically reacting flows
Eric Seibel Eric Seibel
Research Professor

Optical scanning for image acquisition and display
Biomedical device and instrumentation
Early detection and treatment of cancer
Steve Shen Steve Shen

Vibration and Dynamics
PZT Thin-Film Sensors and Actuators
Intracochlear Microphones and Acoustic Actuators
Rotor Dynamics
Disk Drive Dynamics
Damping Technologies
Bearing Diagnosis and Identification
Nathan Sniadecki Nathan Sniadecki
Albert Kobayashi Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Cell Mechanics
Soft Lithography
Katherine Steele Katherine Steele
Assistant Professor

Duane Storti Duane Storti

Computational manufacturing and design
Innovative mathematical foundations for geometric design
Implicit solid modeling
Rapid prototyping
Geometry characterization
Minoru Taya Minoru Taya
Nabtesco Endowed Chair in Mechanical Engineering

Energy harvesting materials and devices
Composite Materials
Percolation Theory
Dislocation Theory
Electronic Composites
Processing of Composites
Shape memory alloys (SMA)
Ferromagnetic SMA
Designed actuators
Electrochromic windows(ECW) and energy-harvesting ECW
Bioinspired active and sensing materials and devices
Mark Tuttle Mark Tuttle

Applied solid mechanics
Composite Materials
Adhesion mechanics
Alexander Veress Alexander Veress
Research Assistant Professor

Soft tissue
Cardiac mechanics
Deformation in soft tissue
Combining finite element models with imaging phantoms
Junlan Wang Junlan Wang
Associate Professor

Mechanics of materials
Thin films and coatings, nanoporous materials, biomaterials
Mechanical, interfacial and surface properties
High strain-rate behavior
Wei-Chih Wang Wei-Chih Wang
Research Associate Professor

Optical MEMS
Fiber optic sensors
Thz devices
Active polymers
Biomedical instrumentation


Adjunct and Joint Faculty

Name Adjunct Department or Organization
Adam M. Alessio Adam M. Alessio Radiology
Karl F. Bohringer Karl F. Bohringer Electrical Engineering
Lucien N. Brush Lucien N. Brush Materials Science & Engineering
Guozhong Cao Guozhong Cao Materials Science & Engineering
Peter R. Cavanagh Peter R. Cavanagh Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Dana Dabiri Dana Dabiri Aeronautics & Astronautics
James Fridley James Fridley Joint with Forest Management and Engineering
Albert Folch Albert Folch Bioengineering
James C. Hermanson James C. Hermanson Aeronautics & Astronautics
Ronald Y. Kwon Ronald Y. Kwon Orthopaedics
Eli Livne Eli Livne Aeronautics & Astronautics
Jose Lopez Jose Lopez Hematology
Alexander Mamishev Alexander Mamishev Electrical Engineering
Matthew O'Donnell Matthew O'Donnell Bioengineering
Joan E. Sanders Joan E. Sanders Bioengineering
Sundar Srinivasan Sundar Srinivasan Orthopaedics
Wendy E. Thomas Wendy E. Thomas Bioengineering
James M. Thomsons James M. Thomson Civil & Environmental Engineering
Karl Vesper Karl Vesper Joint with Management and Organization
Nathan White Nathan White Emergency Medicine
Zelda B. Zabinsky Zelda B. Zabinsky Industrial Science & Engineering


Affiliate Faculty

Name Affiliation
Daan Hein Alsem Hummingbird Scientific
Patrick Aubin Seattle VA Hospital
Keith T. Chan UW Radiology
Ryland Bryant VisionGate, Inc.
Bijan Dorri GE Healthcare
Daniel Einstein Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Keith E. Elder Affiliate Faculty
Mohamed Hashish Flow International Corp.
Jon W. Hayenga VisionGate, Inc.
George Homsy Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia
Joseph M. Iaquinto Department of Veterans Affairs
Jeong-Beom Ihn The Boeing Company
Scott Johnston The Boeing Company
Randy K. Kent MDE Inc.
Michael Kintner-Meyer Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Megan Karalus CD-Adapco
Glenn K. Klute Seattle VA Hospital
Christy Lancaster VisionGate, Inc.
William R. Ledoux Seattle VA Hospital
Kyong-Hoon Lee NanoFacture, Inc.
Gregory S. Mason Seattle University
Paul Means Burn Design Lab
David Motto Puget Sound Blood Center
Leonard Y. Nelson
Thomas Neumann VisionGate, Inc.
Jorge A. Ochoa Archus Orthopedics, Inc.
Rico Picone St. Martin's University
Eric Rombokas Seattle VA Hospital
Makoto Saito Nabtesco Corporation
Daniel G. Sanders The Boeing Company
Robert R. Scheibe GT Engineering
Brian T. Schowengerdt Human Interface Technology Lab (HITLab)
Amy Shen Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology
Teodora R. Shuman Seattle University
John A. Sidles UW Orthopaedics
Fred Silverstein UW Medicine
David E. Steinhauer VisionGate, Inc.
Anna Touorovskaia VisionGate, Inc.
Shaz Vijlee University of Portland
Steven Weidner Program Navigators, Inc.
John E. Weller Janicki Industries
Chunye Xu University of Science & Technology of China
Gang Zhao University of Science and Technology, China


Emeritus Faculty

Adee, Bruce
Alexander, Daniel
Balise, Peter
Bodoia, John
Chalk, William
Chalupnik, James
Collins, James
Corlett, Richard
Daly, Colin
Day, Emmett
Depew, Creighton
Ford, Paul
Forster, Fred
Galle, Kurt
Gessner, Fred
Holt, Richard

Hyman, Barry
Jorgensen, Jens
Kippenhan, Charles
Kobayashi, Albert
Love, William
McCormick, Norman
Pratt, David
Sherrer, Robert
Sandwith, Colin
Taggart, Raymond
Wilson, William

ME Invites Applications for Multiple Positions in Advanced Manufacturing

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at the University of Washington invites applications for a cluster hire in advanced manufacturing which reflects the growth in the Pacific Northwest. We seek outstanding applicants for four full-time tenure-track faculty positions (9-month service periods) that may be jointly appointed in the Departments of Materials Science (up to two) and Industrial & Systems Engineering (up to two). The two ME/MSE positions are also aligned with the newly funded Clean Energy Institute (CEI). We are primarily focused on hires at the rank of Assistant Professor although individuals at senior ranks with exceptional credentials may be considered.

Please submit applications for the ME/MSE positions here. Please submit applications for the ME/ISE positions here. Only applications submitted via the online search tool will be considered.

Please contact Lucia Petersen at with any questions or for more information.