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Philip Malte

Faculty Photo

Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering

Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Professor Malte conducts research on energy and environmental combustion. Studies on low-emission combustion for power generation gas turbines involve the use of laboratory combustion reactors, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and chemical reactor networks (CRN) to help understand and build predictive capabilities, with emphasis on controlling pollutant emissions.

Fuel-air and fuel-steam injectors are developed to extend low-emission performance to liquid-fueled gas turbines and to improve the performance of fuel cell reformers. Studies on renewable energy and energy sustainability include: design and application of renewable energy systems for the National Parks and the Puget Sound region; and laboratory, modeling and systems studies on wood combustion and thermo-chemical conversion.


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1971
  • MSAE, University of Michigan, 1966
  • BSAE, The University of Michigan, 1964