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ME team wins award at conference

August 2, 2023

ME researchers received a Best Poster Presentation award at an international conference.

Eric Bol stands between two other conference participants smiling and holding the award.

Ph.D. Eric Bol (center) holds the Best Poster Presentation award between two other ICSAM 2023 participants.

ME researchers recently received the Alexander Zhilyaev Award for Best Poster Presentation at the 14th International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials (ICSAM 2023). The conference was held earlier this month in Barcelona, Spain. 

Ph.D. candidate Eric Bol presented two UW team papers. The poster presentation, “Improved stochastic dissimilar diffusion bonding model with experimental validation,” focused on improved modeling for a solid-state welding operation used in the aerospace industry. The authors include Bryan Ferguson, Bol, D.G. Sanders and Boeing-Pennell Endowed Professor Ramulu Mamidala

The oral presentation, “Investigation of the complexities inherent in manufacturing near-unconstrained superplastic parts by experiments and simulation,” was authored by Ferguson, Bol, Sanders and Ramulu. 

Congratulations to the ME team!