Igor Novosselov

Igor Novosselov Research Assistant Professor
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences
  MEB 309
  Novosselov Research Group
  Molecular Engineering Institute
  Department of Homeland Security ALERT Center


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, 2006
  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering University of Washington, 2002
  • Engineering Diploma, Yaroslavl Polytechnic Institute, Russia, 1993


Dr. Novosselov joined the department in 2014. Prior to joining the department, he worked as an R&D Manager and Sr. Research Scientist developing aerosol sampling instrumentation for nanoparticles, biological and chemical aerosols. His previous projects focused on characterization using the underlying physical principles governing particulate matter formation, the behavior of aerosol in the environment, and aerosol analysis. Other research included modeling of pollution formation and stability of the combustion systems using computational fluid dynamics and chemical reactor network modeling.


Novosselov Research Group (NRG) conducts a range of basic and applied research in the areas of fluids dynamics and energy. The multidisciplinary research at the NRG laboratory spans several areas, namely: sampling and analysis of particulate matter, particle surface interaction in the boundary layer, ionized flow near surfaces, combustion aerosol synthesis and deposition, modeled based combustion control, and chemical kinetics in supercritical water reactor. NRG's research in energy and fluids is united by applying the first principles to solve practical problems in Aerosol Science and Energy Conversion systems.

For more information of NRGs current projects, visit the NRG website.

Select publications

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