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Required Documents for NIH Proposal

  • SF 424 cover (Grant Manager fills out)
  • PHS 398 Cover Page Supplemental Form
  • Other project information
    • Project summary/abstract (30 lines maximum)
    • Project narrative (3 sentences)
    • Bibliography (no page limit)
    • Facilities & other resources (No page limit)
    • Equipment (no page limit)
  • Performance sites
  • Senior/key personnel
    • Biographical sketch (5 pages per person)
      • D section: Ongoing Research Support and Completed Research Support
      • The additional research URL to be federal government (.gov) website only if providing a link to a full list of publications
      • Don’t include person months or direct cost
  • RR budget and budget justification (or modular budget up to $250k directs)
    • If modular budget, justification should include only personnel and consortium personnel justification
  • PHS 398 Research Plan
    • Specific aims (1 page)
    • Research strategy (ranges from 5-12 depending on Activity Code)
    • Letters of support: required depending on Program Announcement
    • Consortium letter (if applicable)
    • Resource sharing plan(s): required depending on Program Announcement
    • Additional required documents depending on solicitation or nature of proposal (i.e. multiple PI’s, biological or chemical resources, vertebrate animals, etc).

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