After you are admitted

Notify us of your decision

After you receive our admission offer, you will need to inform the Graduate School and the department of your decision. To notify us, log into your Graduate Application Status Page. You will be instructed to accept or decline the offer of admission.


If you accept our admission offer, "Next Steps" will appear on your Graduate Application Status Page. "Next Steps" are things that you need to do before you enroll in classes at the UW. Foreign applicants who indicated that they will be requesting an I-20 or DS-2019 visa application will be given instructions.


If you decline an admission offer, you will be asked to complete a short survey on your Graduate Application Status Page.

Financial assistance

If you receive an offer for a financial assistance package, you will also need to inform the Mechanical Engineering Department of your decision to accept or decline the offer. Detailed instructions will be provided in the offer letter.


If you would like to defer your admission, please contact the Graduate Program Adviser. While deferral is often granted, it is subjected to the following conditions:

  • Deferral can only be granted once and the deferred admission can be for no more than one year (e.g., an autumn 2012 applicant can defer an offer to autumn 2013, but no later).
  • Deferral only applies to admission offers. Deferral does not apply to financial assistance packages. Students who receive an offer of financial assistance may lose the financial assistance after the deferral.

Visit campus

ME's Graduate Visitation Day and the UW's GO-MAP Prospective Student Days offer admitted graduate students opportunities to get to know the department and campus, learn about logistics and strategies, and start building their campus community.

Build community

ME's own graduate student association MEGA organizes mentoring and social events to help students connect.

The Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMAD) offers resources for students to engage in communities and activities.

FIUTS, the UW's Foundation for International Understanding Through Students, connects university students to local and global communities through programs that build international awareness, cross-cultural communication, and informed leadership. They offer many social and volunteer activities throughout the year.