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Current students

Mechanical Test Lab rules

General lab rules

  1. Training by, and only by, lab staff is required before using any of the equipment.
  2. No food or drink is allowed in the lab.
  3. Wear safety glasses at all times while in the lab.
  4. Arrive prepared and on time for your scheduled session.
  5. Clean up all debris from broken specimens.
  6. Return tools and fixtures to their proper places.
  7. Never share the lab door codes.
  8. Remember to log off of CORAL when you are finished. You are billed for the entire time you are logged on!

Instron 5585H Load Frame, 8511 Fatigue Frame

  1. Never apply a force that is greater than the weakest element in the load string. This means you’ll need to check the max load capacity of grips, load cells, and all fixtures and attachments installed during your test.
  2. Never attempt to install or remove grips, load cells, or fixtures unless you have been trained to do so by, and only by, the lab staff.
  3. Install the polycarbonate blast door when testing specimens with the potential to produce shrapnel when they break. If you are unsure what will happen, always install the blast door.

Instron Dynatup 9250 Drop Tower

  1. Plan to bring 4-5 extra setup specimens when testing a new material. Always start at a low drop height (low energy) to see what loads are generated, then step up energy as necessary, but be sure not to exceed the maximum load capacity of the load cell (15 kN).
  2. Never attempt to defeat the machine safety interlocks.
  3. Never attempt to install or remove test fixtures unless you have been trained to do so by, and only by, the lab staff.