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ME Graduate Seminar (ME 520)

The graduate seminar series presents speakers of varied interests, industries, and professions. ME students and alumni are encouraged to attend, and graduate students can receive credit for ME 520 for attending.

Winter 2019 seminar series

Tuesdays, 3:30–4:30
MEB 238
Unless otherwise noted
Date Speaker Hosted by
Jan 8 Guillaume Blanquart
Professor, Mechanical & Civil Engineering
“Direct Numerical Simulations of turbulent reacting flows: How To.”
Steve Brunton
Jan 15 Grant Castle
Vice President, Engineering Services & Quality Assurance
“Optimizing Wireless Systems with Non-Traditional Feedback Loops: How the UnCarrier Listens to Customers”
Val Overlan
Jan 29 Tia Benson-Tolle
Director, Materials & Fabrication
“Industrializing Composites Materials”
Santosh Devasia
Feb 12 Dan Negrut
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
University of Wiscosin
“A Lagrangian take on Computational Dynamics: from particulate system dynamics to river fording”
Duane Storti
Mar 5 Anne Kao
Senior Technical Fellow
Boeing Research & Technology
“Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Aviation Industry”
Santosh Devasia
Apr 16 Ash Awad
VP and Chief Market Officer
“Future trends impacting mechanical engineers in the built environment”
Val Overlan
June 4 Sun Kim
Program Manager, Water Sanitation and Hygiene
B&M Gates Foundation
“Reinventing the Toilet”
Val Overlan