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ME student standing next to a whiteboard with school students in the audience

On track to STEM

Since 2016 Washington Hyperloop has been one of the top three U.S. teams competing in SpaceX’s summer challenge. Now they’re setting a new goal: get more kids excited about engineering. Read more »

A large flock of birds in the sky over a sunflower field

The murmuration whisperer

Professor Santosh Devasia is investigating how the flocking behavior of birds could inform autonomous robotics research. Read more »

A student walking on treadmill with devices hooked up to him

Engineering and the human body

Biomechanics, ME’s newest undergraduate degree option, combines mechanical engineering with biology and physiology to enhance understandings of health and inspire innovation. Read more »

A collage of five new faculty

Welcome new faculty

Join us in welcoming new faculty and congratulating current faculty members on their recent promotions. Read more »

A pair of hands holding a 3D printed wheel hub mount

Transforming titanium with 3D printing

ME’s newest 3D printing lab explores additive manufacturing of complex structures with titanium. Read more »

Elizabeth Rasmussen adjusts device setting

Research impact

Grad student Elizabeth Rasmussen is developing a clean, scalable approach to synthesizing advanced materials, setting the stage for innovation in batteries, targeted drug delivery and more. Read more »

BARC logo

Advanced composites and clean energy

Researchers in the Boeing Advanced Research Center have received $1.2 million in clean energy funding — an award that will help lay the groundwork for a new UW Advanced Composites Center. Read more »

Water gushing out of a pipe on a beach

Chemical and toxic waste elimination

A UW research team advances their work to develop a system that breaks down chemical warfare agents and toxic waste. Read more »

Shelves in a warehouse

Warehouse ergonomics

A team of researchers used machine learning to develop a new system that can monitor factory and warehouse workers for ergonomic issues. Read more »