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Karli Berger sitting in an office

Passion never rests

ME senior Karli Berger shares how she’s balanced her passions for mentorship and teambuilding with mechatronics and cheer. Read more »

A student looking out at sea

Environmental impact

ME and Applied Physics Lab researchers are developing ways to better understand how emerging marine energy technologies impact underwater life. Read more »

Makoto Eyre talking with a student

Space architect

Architectural designer Makoto Eyre talks about returning to school for a second bachelor’s degree to pursue his passion: designing human environments in space. Read more »

cooking utensils and containers

Kitchen engineering

A novel course introduces first-year students to a menu of engineering disciplines — through cooking. Read more »

A truck with a sign that says

Advancing a partnership

PACCAR and ME deepen their collaboration through a new campus workspace and undergraduate capstone projects. Read more »

Scott Rewinkel, Shelby Brunke, and Minh Tran

Health care careers

Three alumni working in health care reflect on their career pathways and share advice for others interested in this ever-growing field. Read more »

A hand holding the new device

Helping ER doctors

ME and UW Medicine researchers have created a system to measure platelet function in real time and help doctors more quickly determine which trauma patients might need a blood transfusion. Read more »

a bee with a sensor on its back

Bee backpacks

ME, ECE and Allen School researchers have created the first sensor package that can ride aboard bees. Read more »

External Advisory Board

Thanks to the 2018-19 ME External Advisory Board for another year of advice, mentoring, advocacy and connections to industry. Read more »