Application procedure

New applicants for MSME, MSE, and Ph.D. (with non-UW MSME)

Applications must be submitted through the UW Graduate School Online Application. The application will lead you through the required steps, which are summarized here to provide you with an overview of the process.


After you have started the Graduate School Application:

  1. Upload transcripts from all colleges and universities attended into your online application profile.

  2. Request that the following test scores be sent electronically to UW institution code 4854.

    • Official GRE scores
    • Official TOEFL scores (where needed to establish English proficiency)

    All test scores must be received at UW electronically. Scores submitted on paper cannot be accepted.

    It typically takes a minimum of 5-10 business days from the time the student pays the application fee until test scores show on the student’s electronic application file.

  3. Submit the following electronically via the online application:

    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Statement of purpose (1-page limit)

    The personal statement should summarize your technical/research interests (so far as they are formulated at this point), eventual career goals, and how you envision your proposed degree contributing to these goals. This must be no more than one page in length.

  4. Complete and submit your application. Note that once your application is complete, the ME staff will not be able to add or change documents in your file. Incomplete application files will not be reviewed.

  5. Pay the application fee. The ME staff will not be able to access your application file until after the application fee has been paid and the application has been submitted successfully.

More information

Have questions about applying? Email or call 206-543-7963.

Special instructions for international applicants

The Graduate School requires original transcripts for international applicants. View details about the transcript requirements for international applications on the Graduate School Admissions FAQ.

In accordance with Graduate School Memo 8, international applicants who do not qualify for an English waiver must also submit official TOEFL scores. View international applicant information.

Current UW master's students rolling into Ph.D. program

Since your enrollment will automatically continue the quarter following your M.S. degree, this is strictly an internal departmental process. We require: