Composite Shop

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Safety orientation

All users of the Composite Shop equipment, including the autoclave, hot press, and fabric cutter, must complete a lab safety orientation session before working in the shop.

Check the safety orientation calendar for upcoming sessions, then e-mail Michelle Hickner at to register for a session. Orientation sessions are mainly held in the first few weeks of each quarter.

Equipment scheduling

To schedule time on Composite Shop equipment, use UW CORAL. You must register for an ME Shops CORAL account before scheduling equipment.



Autoclave 3' x 8' (American Autoclave)

Maximum part dimensions are approximately 31”(H) x 33”(W) x 101”(D)
3 vacuum ports available

Platen Press

50 Ton heated-platen press (Wabash G50H-24)

24" x 24" heated platens

CNC Fabric Cutter (Autometrix Advantage)

Maximum fabric dimensions are 62" x 94"