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Heated Platen Press

Heated Platen Press


A platen press applies pressure using parallel flat platens. The Wabash platen press is designed to heat and cool evenly across the surface of the platens. The platen press in the ME composite shop is used most often to cure composite panels and compression molded parts, but can also be used for pressing low-toxicity powders or other applications that can be pressed with parallel plates and require even heating.


  • Platen size: 24” x 24”
  • Maximum temperature: 650F
  • Maximum force: 50 tons
  • Minimum force: 5 tons is the minimum calibrated force, but the minimum possible force is 0.2 tons.

For curing composites, come prepared with a complete cure recipe, including temperature ramp rates and platen force in tons (1 ton= 2000lbs). All new materials or cure recipes must be approved by a staff engineer.