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Current students

Biomechanics option

New: Applying to the biomechanics option

You will now have to apply to the biomechanics option during the spring quarter of your junior year. More information will be available on the ME Undergraduate Advising Canvas page as the application period for the 2024-2025 year approaches.

What is Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms. This field represents the broad interplay between mechanics and biological systems, from the nano scale to whole-body systems. Research in biomechanics enhances our understanding of health, function and disease in living systems and can also serve as inspiration for engineering innovations. Biomechanics can inform and improve the design of medical devices, robotics, athletic equipment, and other applications.

Why a Biomechanics Options?

The program provides students with:

  • an undergraduate degree option that will appear on their transcript
  • a community of peers interested in biomechanics
  • announcements about research opportunities, internships, and other resources

The Biomechanics Curriculum

Students pursuing the biomechanics option must complete 19-credits including:

Course Credits Title
ME 419 1

Biomechanics Seminar (Winter only)

ME 411 3 Biological frameworks for engineering (Autumn only)
  6+ Biomechanics Electives: Students must complete a minimum of two biomechanics electives. Extra courses also count as supporting electives.
  # remaining credits to 19-total Supporting Electives: Remaining credits must be taken from the supporting electives list, which are selected to support your engineering fundamentals related to biomechanics.
    Additional or new electives that are related to biomechanics can be approved by the biomechanics advisor, requiring submission of the course’s syllabus and a paragraph describing how the course supports the student’s education in biomechanics.

Biomechanics Electives (6+ credits)

Course Credits Title
ME 412 3 Biomechanics of movement (odd years)
ME 415 3 Introduction to Cell Mechanics
ME 445 4 Introduction to biomechanics (Spring only)
ME 499 graded, up to 3 credits Independent research in biomechanics lab
ME 527 4 credits, registration by advising for admitted Biomechanics option students Musculoskeletal biomechanics (Winter, even years)
BIOL 427 5 Comparative biomechanics
BIOEN 460 3 Neural engineering
BIOEN 461 4 Neural engineering tech studios
BIOEN 485 4 Computational bioengineering
BIOEN 486 3 Tissue engineering

Supporting Electives

Course Credits Title
ME 440 4 Advanced mechanics of materials
ME 450 3 Introduction to Composite Material and Design
ME 460 3 Kinematics and linkage design
ME 470 3 Mechanical vibrations
ME 473 4 Instrumentation
ME 478 4 Finite element analysis
ME 480 4 Introduction to computer-aided technology
BIOEN 420 4 Medical imaging