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Mechatronics option

What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics is the term originally coined to describe the integration of mechanical, electrical, and computer technologies into the design of complex products. Although products have long included all three components, traditional design methods viewed them as separate, independently realized aspects of the design. Mechatronics emphasizes global optimization by integrating these three components of the design process.


ME majors may apply to the Mechatronics option while enrolled in ME 374, during the spring of their junior year. Admission is competitive and based on cumulative GPA and grades in specific classes. A maximum of 30 students are accepted into the Mechatronics option each year.


The program culminates in the ME 495 Mechatronics Capstone Design course during spring quarter.

Although enrollment preference in Mechatronics core courses (ME 471, ME 473, and ME 477) is given to Mechatronics Option students, limited additional space is available for non-mechatronics students.

Mechatronics core courses

Autumn Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
ME 471 Automatic Control ME 477 Embedded Computing ME 495 Mechatronics Specific Capstone (3cr)
ME 473 Instrumentation & Sensors ME 494 Mechanical Engineering Design Preparation (3cr)  
ME 493 Introduction to Mechanical Design (3cr)    

Elective courses

Two electives minimum required.

Autumn Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
ME 469 Advanced Dynamics PHYS 334 Electric Circuits Lab I PHYS 335 Electric Circuits Lab II
ME 480 Comp.-Aided Technology ME 470 Mechanical Vibrations ME 478 Finite Element Analysis
  AMATH 402 Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos  

Mechatronics senior capstone design project

Mechatronics projects emphasize design of mechanical systems that incorporate embedded real-time computing. The projects include the development of a prototype implemented in the Embedded Computing Laboratory. Typical projects involve robotics, automation, sensing, and controls. To be eligible for the Mechatronics capstone design course, you must be accepted into the Mechatronics program, take all of the Mechatronics core courses, and take at least two of the elective courses shown.