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Undergraduate policies

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Continuation policy »

English language proficiency policy

Students who have not completed their English Language Proficiency Requirements and who are not native English language speakers will be required to satisfactorily complete, with a grade of 3.0 or higher, one or more courses through the Academic English Program (AEP) during their first quarter in the BSME program. Students with AEP course requirements must continue to register for these courses each succeeding quarter until the prescribed sequence of courses is completed. Such students are required to also complete a minimum of 10 credits each quarter in non-AEP courses that satisfy the requirements for the BSME degree.

Leave policy

Students should schedule an advising appointment to discuss part-time attendance or the departmental leave policy. Students who withdraw from the University without prior written approval of the department, or are dropped for nonpayment of fees, will forfeit their place in the program. Students must reapply for admission and, if re-admitted, must fulfill the requirements in effect at the time of re-admission.