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Ashley Emery

Faculty Photo

Mechanical Engineering

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor
Industrial & Systems Engineering

  • (206) 543-5338
  • MEB 215


  • Ph.D., University of California Berkeley, 1961
  • M.S., University of California Berkeley, 1958
  • B.S., University of California Berkeley, 1956

Research Statement

Professor Emery specializes in the areas of architectural heat transfer, finite element methods, numerical analysis, and thermal stresses. He is also interested in air conditioning and heating, human comfort, biological heat transfer, fracture, dynamic motion of elastic and plastic shells, radiation gas dynamics, separated and supersonic flow, and free and forced convection.

Select publications

  1. Trupiano, M., Aarabi, S. and Emery, A.F., 2016, July. Using Thermoelectric Cooling With Tourniquets for Nerve Preservation. In ASME 2016 Heat Transfer Summer Conference.
  2. Emery, A.F. and Bardot, D., 2014. Predicting Thermal System Performance and Estimating Parameters for Systems Burdened With Uncertainties and Noise Using Hierarchical Bayesian Inference. Journal of Heat Transfer, 136(3).
  3. Vosk, T., Forrest, A.R.W., Emery, A. and McLane, L.D., 2014. The measurand problem in breath alcohol testing. Journal of forensic sciences, 59(3).
  4. Dillon, H., Emery, A. and Mescher, A., 2013. Analysis of Chaotic Natural Convection in a Tall Rectangular Cavity with Non-isothermal Walls. Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT), 4(2).
  5. Emery, A.F. and Vosk, T., 2013, November. Errors and Uncertainties: What Hath the GUM Wrought?. In ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition.
  6. Emery, A.F. and Lee, C.L., 2013, November. Measured and Predicted Air Flow in a Small Classroom. In ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition.
  7. Emery, A.F. and Johnson, K.C., 2012. Practical considerations when using sparse grids with Bayesian inference for parameter estimation. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 20(5).
  8. Burger, G., Tien, E., Porter, C., Emery, A. and Mescher, A., 2012. Step-Index Polymer Fiber Manufactured from PMMA/CO2 Composite Materials. In Proceedings 21st International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers.
  9. Emery, A. and Johnson, K.C. Using COMSOL to Estimate the Heat Losses of Composite Panels Undergoing Repairs using Bayesian Inference. In Proceedings 2012 COMSOL Users Conference.
  10. Emery, A.F. and Finley, C., 2012, July. Opportunities for Ice Storage to Provide Ancillary Services to Power Grids Incorporating Wind Turbine Generation. In ASME 2012 Heat Transfer Summer Conference.
  11. Emery, A.F. and Pepper, D.W., 2011, January. Combining Meshless Analysis and Kalman Filters to Estimate Parameters When System Models are Inaccurate. In ASME/JSME 2011 8th Thermal Engineering Joint Conference.
  12. Grange, S., Dillon, H., Mescher, A. and Emery, A., 2011, January. Thermal Effects During Hollow Polymer Fiber Drawing. In ASME/JSME 2011 8th Thermal Engineering Joint Conference.
  13. >Dillon, H.E., Emery, A.F., Mescher, A.M., Sprenger, O. and Edwards, S.R., 2011. Chaotic natural convection in an annular cavity with non-isothermal walls. Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT), 2(2).
  14. Dillon, H.E., Emery, A., Cochran, R.J. and Mescher, A., 2010, October. Dimensionless versus Dimensional Analysis in CFD and Heat Transfer. In Excert from Proceedings of the COMSOL Conference.
  15. Emery, A.F., 2010, January. Preliminary results for estimating the backside heat losses of a composite panel. In 2010 14th International Heat Transfer Conference.

Honors & awards

  • ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award
  • Heat Transfer 75th Anniversary Award
  • ASME Fellow, 1982