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Autumn 2018 Edition

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Abstract pattern

Data driven

ME associate professor Steve Brunton discusses his dynamical systems research and the crucial role that mechanical engineers play in shaping the future of data science. Read more »

A fifth grader gives a thumbs up

Elementary engineers

Fifth graders from Marysville, Washington, started this school year as engineers, thanks to ME professor Brian Fabien and his students. Read more »

microscope tissue scan

Fighting cancer with mechanical engineering

ME faculty are developing devices and technologies to better detect and treat cancer. Read more »

Welcome new faculty

Join us in welcoming new faculty and congratulating current faculty members on their recent promotions. Read more »

Material impact

ME faculty are helping set the course toward a smarter, more sustainable future through new materials research. Read more »

Insect-sized robot takes flight

RoboFly, the first wireless insect-sized flying robot, has taken its first flaps. Read more »

Research + outreach

At the intersection of biomechanics and neural engineering, Gaurav Mukherjee explores how to develop machines that improve the quality of human life while also making time for K-12 STEM outreach. Read more »

Celebrating student success

Join us in congratulating our student teams on this year’s wins! Read more »


The MEssenger is the department's alumni newsletter. Published twice a year, it features stories about students, faculty, research, alumni and more.