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Spring 2022 Edition

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AI for engineering

The AI Institute in Dynamic Systems isn’t quite a year old, but its directors are already laying the groundwork to transform engineering education and, ultimately, the field.

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Shayla Payne holding a vial and looking at another researcher in a lab

On a path to health innovation

From student to teacher to researcher and intern, Shayla Payne shares the path that has led her toward a career in engineering for human health.

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Headshots of three ME alumni

Mechanical engineers in tech

What do mechanical engineers do in the world of tech? ME alumni at Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle share their career stories and advice.

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Bubbles for toughness

UW researchers collaborate to investigate and advance nanofoams, a tiny but mighty new material.

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ME undergrad competes on “Wheel of Fortune”

Abby Simcox represented the UW in March for College Week 2022 on the word puzzle game show.

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Folding space structures

ME and Carnegie Mellon researchers are advancing foldable structures that fit into a tiny compartment for launch and expand into super-structures in outer space.

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Making Earth-friendly electronics

ME’s Aniruddh Vashisth and other UW Engineering researchers discuss their innovative methods to design and manufacture sustainable electronics.

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Cancer diagnosis advancements

A new method that images entire 3D biopsies could improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer aggressiveness.

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Students win big

ME and Engineering Innovation in Health student teams swept this spring’s Holloman Health Innovation Challenge hosted by the UW’s Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship.

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