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Researcher working with prosthetic

Empowering possibility through innovation

For 15 years, ME has partnered with the Seattle VA’s Center for Limb Loss Prevention & Prosthetic Engineering. This collaboration brings research opportunities for ME students and propels biomechanics research in new directions. Read more »

UW Hyperloop team sets its sights on SpaceX

Imagine traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes at transonic speed. UWashington Hyperloop has been working to actualize this process, and they visited SpaceX to test their progress. Read more »

Bradley Wachter with orthosis

Student research spotlight: Bradley Wachter

ME senior Bradley Wachter is working in the ME Ability & Innovation Lab to design customizable body-powered orthoses that enrich the lives of those who depend on them to help impaired limbs function. Read more »

Frank and Reta Alberti

Honoring Frank Alberti '44

A longtime friend of the department, Frank Alberti made a major commitment to support ME’s advancements in engineering and health. Read more »

Tiny robot compared to coin

Using static electricity, insect-sized flying robots can land and stick to surfaces

Research conducted by ME assistant professor Sawyer Fuller demonstrated how flying insect-sized robots can land and stick to surfaces, which conserves energy and extends flight times. Read more »

Ultrasonic laser

UW team first to measure microscale granular crystal dynamics

Researchers in ME have analyzed interactions between microscale granular crystals — a first step in creating materials used for impact mitigation, signal processing, disease diagnosis, and rocket propellants. Read more »

Nanoscale map of metal ceria

Tiny probe could produce big improvements in batteries and fuel cells

Professor Jiangyu Li used a nanoscale probe to investigate the properties of battery electrodes. This research could lead to a better understanding of batteries and fuel cells and the development of higher performance materials. Read more »

Class of '66 alumni

Honoring class of '66 grads

Special thanks to the Class of ’66 graduates who joined us at this year’s graduation celebration! Read more »