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Five masked and gloved individuals giving thumbs-up around a table with devices in a workshop.

Fri, 07/19/2024 | UW College of Engineering

Students create composite materials

Members of the UW Society for Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, including ME student Ella Ramos-O'Neill, gain hands-on experience designing, building and even breaking materials.

jake smith and aniruddh vashisth headshots

Fri, 07/19/2024 | Microsoft Research Podcast

Sustainable electronics

ME Assistant Professor Aniruddh Vashisth and Microsoft Research discuss the development of printed circuit boards with less environmental impact.

an aerial view of a yellow boat in the water

Mon, 07/15/2024 | Popular Science

Testing the waters

In a story about a wave-energy testing site in Scotland, ME Professor Brian Polagye comments on tidal and wave energy technology adoption. 

Three students stand behind a vessel that is a reactor for synthesizing materials.

Mon, 07/08/2024

Students showcase skills at ME capstone expo

Capstone projects addressed problems in transportation, renewable energy, health, accessibility and more.

Fin model of Mobula birostris

Wed, 07/03/2024 | UW Aeronautics and Astronautics

Stingrays could inspire new underwater vehicles

Researchers like ME student John Michael Racy look to stingrays for how to develop efficient, quiet and sustainable underwater vehicles.

One person is sitting in a hammock chair, while another person holds part of the frame structure.

Thu, 06/27/2024

Testing an in-home mobility system

Through innovative capstone projects, ME students worked with community members to design an adaptable mobility system.

Bar chart showing the clinical baseline at approximately 0.76, 2D AI on a 2D section at approximately 0.82, 2D AI on a 3D volume at approximately 0.84, and TriPath, 3D AI on a 3D volume, at approximately 0.86.

Tue, 06/18/2024 | Mass General Brigham

New AI models for 3D pathology

Researchers, including Professor Jonathan Liu, developed deep learning models that use 3D pathology datasets to predict clinical outcomes.

Nate Sniadecki headshot

Tue, 06/18/2024 | UW Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

Engineering tendon models

Professor Nate Sniadecki and his lab received a 2024 John H. Tietze Stem Cell Scientist Award to develop an in vitro, mechanobiological model of human tendons.

Aerial shot of faculty and students wearing robes standing in front of a building

Wed, 06/12/2024

Congratulations to the class of 2024

ME celebrated 2024 graduates with a ceremony and celebration in June.

Two men on a boat. One man holds a large yellow fan-shaped object while the other adjusts a rope connected to a boom arm.

Wed, 06/05/2024 | KTOO Public Media

Ocean energy in Alaska

ME Professor Brian Polagye commented on tidal energy projects in Alaska.

Team holding large checks and celebrating their achievements on stage.

Tue, 06/04/2024 | UW Foster School of Business

ME wins big at startup competition

BioLegacy, a team with ME students, received the first-place prize for its patent-pending technology to preserve and rewarm organs.

Igor Novosselov headshot

Tue, 06/04/2024 | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency | US EPA

Researchers awarded EPA grant to tackle climate crisis

ME Research Associate Professor Igor Novosselov will lead research that aims to reduce the pollution emissions associated with destroying hydrofluorocarbons.

Johnny Huynh reclining on a black couch

Wed, 05/29/2024 | The Daily

ME student juggles music and academics

Undergraduate student Johnny Huynh shares his experiences as a singer-songwriter.

Close up of hands with gloves holding a device

Wed, 05/22/2024 | UW Clean Energy Institute

Washington Clean Energy Testbeds undergrad research awards

ME student Sebastian Bustos-Nuno received an award, in addition to other students mentored by ME faculty.

A group of people posing to the camera on a red semi-truck in a workshop.

Mon, 04/29/2024

An electrifying experience

A new student club is in charge of transforming a medium-duty diesel truck into a battery electric vehicle.

A small brown circuit board sits on a gray background. To its right are a small copper plate, sheets of glass fibers in a crosshatch pattern, small chunks of vitrimer plastic that’s been removed from a circuit board, and a computer chip.

Fri, 04/26/2024 | UW News

Recyclable circuit boards

A team including ME researchers developed a new printed circuit board that can be recycled repeatedly.

Lucas Meza headshot

Fri, 04/19/2024

Creating tougher sustainable materials

ME Assistant Professor Lucas Meza received an NSF CAREER Award to study how to create tough, sustainable materials using nanoengineering.

a group of people posing for a photo with a race car

Mon, 04/15/2024

From clubs to careers

ME students, alums and faculty share how clubs can lead to successful careers.

headshots of four ME students

Mon, 04/01/2024

2024 ME poster competition awards

Students were recognized for their research that aims to improve robotics, batteries, disease diagnoses and more.

a car charging at a station

Mon, 03/18/2024 | UW College of Engineering

Driven to advance vehicle electrification

COE researchers are advancing electric vehicle innovation, including ME Assistant Professor Shijing Sun and ME Professor Corie L. Cobb.

a person standing next to a machine explaining details about it

Mon, 03/11/2024 | UW Medicine

Prototype device effectively treated multiorgan failure

A clinical trial showed that a medical device developed by ME and UW Medicine rescued people from multiorgan failure. 

Group of people holding an award check

Mon, 03/11/2024 | GeekWire

ME students win health innovation awards

Two teams with ME students won Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge awards.

Merrill Keating portrait

Thu, 02/29/2024 | Kitsap Sun | USA TODAY Network

ME student recognized in USA Today

ME student Merrill Keating was named USA Today's Washington state Woman of the Year for 2024.

Two children ride in small toy cars, one of which has an adapted steering wheel to make it accessible for the child to use.

Mon, 02/26/2024

Wheels in motion: Improving mobility technologies for children

Research shows the importance of accessible environments for children using assistive technologies.

Renee Desing and John Palmore headshots

Fri, 02/16/2024

Welcome new faculty

Join us in welcoming John Palmore Jr. and Renee Desing as new faculty to the ME department this school year.