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Energy and Environment

UW Mechanical Engineering is helping to advance the adoption of a clean energy future by developing next generation marine, solar and wind energy and electrical energy storage materials, devices and systems, as well as their integration with the grid.

Our students and faculty are working to increase the scope and impact of our research and education in alternative energies and the environment. We are fostering partnerships that grow our visibility and prominence in pollution prevention, clean combustion and energy research and technology translation. The solutions being developed in our labs will help establish the course toward a smarter, more sustainable future.

Key research areas

  • Acoustics and noise pollution prevention
  • Batteries and energy storage
  • Energy conversion
  • Energy optimization and conversion
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Low-emissions combustion, pollutants and control
  • Printed and flexible electronics
  • Wind, solar and marine renewable energy and instrumentation

Research highlights

ME researchers are developing novel technologies related to particulates sampling, environmentally- friendly batteries and combustion pollution control.

Woman cooking outdoors

Clean Cookstoves Lab focuses on the testing, design and development of low-emissions, highefficiency wood-burning cookstoves for the developing world.

Pacific Marine Energy Center responsibly advances the technical, environmental and societal dimensions of marine energy by expanding scientific understanding, engaging stakeholders and empowering students.

Clean Energy Institute is working to accelerate the adoption of a clean energy future by advancing solar energy and electrical energy storage materials, devices and systems, as well as their integration with the grid.

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Researchers awarded EPA grant to tackle climate crisis

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Washington Clean Energy Testbeds undergrad research awards

ME student Sebastian Bustos-Nuno received an award, in addition to other students mentored by ME faculty.

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An electrifying experience

A new student club is in charge of transforming a medium-duty diesel truck into a battery electric vehicle.